Im well, a bit new to rust. But i noticed that there are so many fake numbers on rust servers.

And i think this is something that needs to be fixed. And dont rly think thats a hard problem to fix, but again im no coder. So i dont have a clue... The game overall is amazing, im addicted as nothing els iv ever played.

But the fact that people can twist their numbers and ping, which iv never seen in another game, that just makes it kinda hard. Cause you invest alot of time into this game, and to then find out after a day, that the server you are playing on has 40-50 players instead of 240 as it says. its just disappointing tbh. And you have to find a new server.

If people could see the real server amont, that would be great.

and the real ping. Please fix this and i feel your game is perfect.

User's recommendation: Idunno complain about this pop problem. Cause its a time waste for people. To play with 30 people and think its 200.

Location: Gran, Innlandet

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